One of the wooden shelters built by the ACE architecture studio in collaboration with California State Parks and Clockshop

At the Bowtie parcel along the LA river. I came into contact with these shelters during a 6.5-mile walk that began at the Glendale Transportation Center and ended at Los Angeles State Historic Park, with stops along the way to hear from artists, conservationists, and other avid people who wanted to share their knowledge with us. "Us" was a large group of people who turned out for "Railways, Waterways, and Walkways," which explored "some of Los Angeles’ best rail, storm, and pedestrian infrastructure—sometimes neglected, sometimes revitalized, always in flux." These were the guest speakers, and they were all wonderful: 

Rafael Escamilla, muralist/artist — Trains Shaping History
Noémie Despland-Lichtert & Brendan Shea, curators/designers/educators — Roundhouse Platform
Jenny Aleman-Zometa, environmental scientist — LA River State Parks Partners
Tom Carroll, journalist/interpreter — Tom Explores LA
Fabian Wagmister, professor — UCLA REMAP
Cheri Gaulke, artist/educator — Woman’s Building
Rosten Woo, artist/designer/writer/educator — This Park Is Made by People