los angeles breakfast club

Scenes from the August 22nd meeting of the Los Angeles Breakfast Club, held at the Friendship Auditorium near Griffith Park. There was a raffle, a few sing-a-longs with live accompaniment and some hand gestures, a welcoming of new members, some brief calisthenics to get the blood flowing, and more than a few outgoing elderly fellows with one-liners at the ready. I asked one of them what the Breakfast Club events were like, and he replied, “Witty. And halfwit-ty.” Picture “A Prairie Home Companion” meets—as my friend Lyra put it—Christopher Guest and church (minus the religion). Plus nametags, anagrams, a semi-secret handshake, and of course breakfast. Also, actual information: Dr. John McCormack, director and curator of the Moore Laboratory of Zoology at Occidental College, spoke on “How the World’s Largest Mexican Bird Collection Came to Los Angeles and Its Importance to Understanding Our Changing Planet.” (If you’re curious to know more: labreakfastclub.com.)

Kristina Feliciano_Los Angeles Breakfast Club 2.jpg